The Greedy Chicken "Couple of the Death"

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A mysterious legend relate that one day, a mad scientist offered one of his experiences to an awkward farmer neighbour.
The scientist said that at the night fall, the farmer should give one seed of the personal composition to his skiniest chicken and promissed he will never have to cary about the harvest.
But...Once night falls, nothing happened as expected. The chicken turned crazy ! Gets fatter, brokes his cage and eated up all the farmer's harvest and cattle.
Since this night, the greedy chicken wander city by city eating everithing on his way...
While the scared farmer never stop screaming "Greeeedy Chicken...Greedyy Chickeeen" each night fall.
...and now they are in couple to spread terror in your country

Detail :

The Greedy Chickens which is "made in Paris" is completely hand sculpted and hand painted resin toy.
From prototype to mold, each phase and quality was made and controlled by myself. As they are hand crafted, there are possible some small imperfections due to the resin material, although extreme love goes into each piece.

2.75'' handmade resin art by PoOL
1X beanie, 1X Skull mask
Handmade packaging by Cheewie
Very Limited edition
Max one pair per person
Worldwide shipping
Shipping : middle june

More pictures on my instagram ( link at the end of this page)

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