The Foodtroopers "All black edition"

Image of The Foodtroopers "All black edition"

For centuries, people from planet crudity have imposed their healthy food law throughout the galaxy.
But hidden in the shadows, someone's been plotting a counter attack : The Foodtroopers are bringing back the junk foods!
Warning: It will be messy!

Detail :

The FoodTroopers which is "made in Paris" is completely handmade and hand painted resin toy.
From prototype to mold, each phase and quality was made and controlled by myself. Each piece is unique. As they are hand crafted, there are possible some very small imperfections due to the resin material, although extreme love goes into each piece.

5'' handmade resin art by PoOL
Handmade packaging by Cheewie
Very Limited edition, rest 1 piece
Max two per person

Pre order
Shipping : decembre

More pictures on my instagram ( link at the end of this page)

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